A Reason for the Season

God is always working in our lives…every place that we are, every situation we are faced with, every blessing that comes our way. This past few weeks I have been researching and planning for how I can be more involved with scripture, more involved with a church community, and grow in my faith. I have come to know that there is a reason for everything more and more as I have embarked on that journey. I am blessed that in my CrossFit gym, the place where I spend so much of time, there are people that have introduced me to an amazing church community no farther than .3 (yes that is point 3) miles from my house. I am blessed that these people have opened their arms to my husband and I, and made us feel so welcome right at the very time when I was looking for it most. I am just so excited with how this worked out!

That said, Christmas is coming, and I always find myself wrapped up in the material of it all. I love presents, presents and more presents. Not just for me, but for all. Yet, it is important to remember that we have received the greatest present already. “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6. A son is given…to us. This is something that I want to think about, and encourage you to think about, as we continue in this holiday season. PS- MERRY CHRISTMAS!

christmas joy


New Plan for the New Year

Is it too early to start thinking about a resolution for the New Year? Perhaps…but perhaps not. Statistics say only 8% of resolutions are kept. That means 92% of our resolutions, our goals that we set for ourselves to begin our new year, are forgotten.

Sadly enough, I am part of that majority, that 92%. Not only that, but I am part of the countless people who set goals such as “lose weight,” “eat healthier” or “cut out soda.” So this year I have come to think, perhaps if I consider my resolution early and actually plan for it, I may find myself in that rare 8%.

For 2015 I have a few resolutions. However, this year I am approaching these with a plan. Instead of just making a blanketed statement of what I hope will happen, I am considering what it will take to reach my resolution, and what tools I need in order to make it happen. I challenge you to do the same! And share with me what your goals for 2015 are!

A few of my Resolutions:

1) Learn more about the scripture. I want to take the time in my day and in my life to read God’s word, and start making applications to my life. I was raised a believer, and continue to attend Church on occasion, yet I find myself often times unaware of what the Bible says I should do in my life. My goal is to learn and start making a positive change!

2) Get out of my comfort zone. This kind of goes along with number one. I think as I start to apply some concepts to my life, I may feel challenged or even uncomfortable at times. I also want to challenge myself in my “fitness” world. I have found that as I attempt new things in CrossFit, and achieve them, my sense of pride in myself soars! I never want that feeling to end, and so I want to keep trying and improving.

3) Get organized! Generally, I am a pretty organized person. My house is not cluttered, and I can always find the things I am looking for (at home at least!). However, as I start thinking about my long term goals and how to achieve them, I do not feel organized. I feel like I am juggling a lot of ideas that I never see come to fruition. So this year, I am getting a planner! And I am making my life as a whole more organized.