Hey! So…about us? We are best friends…and while we are completely different ladies, we have a friendship that has been through it all. High school, college roommates, working together, traveling together, fights, make-ups, tears, and laughter. In all actuality, we are really more like family! Our styles, points of view, and experiences are different, but together they compliment and hopefully inspire! Now for the individuals behind Whiskey or Wine…

First…introducing, me, Natalie Ryan! I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband Chip (the handsome ginger in the adorable plaid), and my three dogs, Soco (yes that stands for Southern Comfort…hence the whole whiskey theme), Belle, and Remington. My story is long, but I’ve been fortunate enough to live in all different parts of the world…born in Nashville, Tennessee, raised in Concord, New Hampshire, attended college at Ole Miss (Oxford, Mississippi), and now thriving in Colorado!

So today I’m here…starting this blog with a drive to inspire, not only myself but you all! Best friends, beautiful things, delicious food, a cocktail or two, seeing the world, and my life make me smile.

And now…meet the other”bestie” Steph!

Hey y’all! Thanks for visiting us here! I am Stephanie Swogger and have just moved from Mississippi to Boston with my husband Nic and our 3 dogs! Yes, Natalie and I each have 3 dogs!! (We are suckers, ha) Rosemary is our oldest, then there is Nola, named after one of our favorite spots in New Orleans and Lucky. (I’ll share how we got his name later on)

With all the craziness that life has brought me, through this blog I’ll tell you about my experiences in life and with my bestie, Natty, and the ins and outs. What to do, what not to do, and everything in between. And how to have LOADS of fun along the way!

Can’t wait to get chatting!



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