Baby I’m Back…

I totally have been slacking on the blog thing. I know you all haven’t heard from me in a few months, and are probably super curious and waiting on the edge of your seats to find out what is going on in my Crossfit-ing, Whole 30-ing, Traveling, life. So…I’ll tell you!

First of all…I’m doing pretty good at this whole Crossfit thing! I’m still the slowest…and so to those of you who think you will be embarrassed or not good enough to try it out (or any exercise for that matter) please remember that half of the journey is mental! In fact…I would even go so far to say that more like 80% of it is mental! Just last week we had a workout that included running. I don’t run for the record. Or I should say, I don’t run well. I just so happened to be in the same class as two other women who are runners by choice, and so they are also pretty fast and make it look easy! And the WOD just so happened to include three rounds of running 300 meters (among a few other hellish things that made me want to pass out and die but I won’t go there!). The time starts, and off the two chicks go sprinting down the alley for our 300 meters, and here I am chugging along. Long story short I was super last. The girls were relaxing, wiping sweat from their brow and catching their breath as I was struggling through the last rounds. But…my coach told me to stay positive. And he was right! It’s not about the other people! It’s about YOU! And some people are better at one thing than another! For me…I’m strong!! I have PR’d 5 times in 2 weeks! And I’m good at the 1 rep max lifting! and I got my toes to the bar for the first time ever! and I got 35 double under in a row! These are my milestones- and focusing on the successes is what keeps me going back. I’m also awesome at horizontal running.


Second of all…I’m sucking at the Whole 30 right now. I started working with a wonderful nutritionist, Karen, whose blog can be found here! But…I’ve also been craving candy ever since Easter, and probably drinking far too much alcohol. So…this is my public proclamation of attempting to revert back to a more Whole 30 influenced life style! Wish me LUCK! I will say I have made major milestones with adding breakfast to my daily routine. In the past I would literally go workout, and not eat until like noon! For the record that is not a good thing to do. Again- you gotta focus on the positives right?

Lastly- what is on the travel agenda?! Soon you will hear from me about Texas (my bff’s bridal shower is coming up!), Washington DC (only one of my favorite spots), Nashville (I would totally opt to live here for the record), Vegas (bff’s bachelorette party!! details to come!), and finally Spain & Portugal! This is a super exciting summer already for me! And I got the sweetest backpack to accompany me on my travels from Winter Session. Gotta have the accessories to be stylin’ and profilin’ while on the road!