Don’t Hate the Clean Plate

I am grateful for a tight knit fitness community. I think this is something I have only been able to find at CrossFit and therefore a huge part of my addiction. We’re all in “the suck” together…especially today when we did a bunch of burpees which can be classified as definitely not my favorite.  And as a local CrossFit community, we are also currently in the “suck” of cleaning up our eating and making a major lifestyle change with 30 days of clean plates. Right now, we are probably all in that hangover stage…and not feeling quite as strong as you might think you should when you clean up your eating. But part of that is just the detox phase, the part where your body is like woah this is a change! I’m hoping that I’m not the only one in this group of Vantage champs making a lifestyle change that feels this way. Raise of hands please?

Anyway so part of this process includes learning my way around the kitchen. Those who know me know that I am really not the best with the whole cooking concept. A couple weeks ago I tried to make a recipe that required chopped onions, and ended up with about 3 bandaids on my fingers. But, practice makes perfect. So…I just wanted to share some of the things I have been eating!!

A few notes- I have found that my staples are hard boiled eggs, tomato and avocado salad, Flavor God seasoning,  and any and all roasted veggies!


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