Thirsty on Thursday

By: Steph Swogger

In my late teen years and early 20’s  I drank coffee around the clock. My mom owns a deli in New Hampshire, so coffee was readily available and kind of addictive. Natalie can tell you because she worked there for a while, and the both of us never were in short supply of this addiction. A few years ago though I decided that it might be time to cut back on the major caffeine jolt in the afternoon from coffee and switch to green tea. I have found in my research that not only is green tea high in antioxidants which can improve brain and immune system function, but it can increase fat loss and help increase physical performance. Since starting this daily regiment of drinking green tea in the afternoon, I have maintained my weight and been able to sustain my concentration longer. Not only that, but I feel good! I don’t get sick half as often and let’s be honest…what is more comforting on a chilly winter day than climbing on the couch with a warm cup of tea?

Tea pic

So a suggestion from me…think about it the next time you reach for a cup of coffee. In fact, I challenge you to switch up that afternoon soda or coffee for a cup of green tea. Then let us know if you see this difference!


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